Terms And Conditions



Terms and Conditions - VMV Removals 

Trading as VMV Removals



1.    These conditions set out by ( we us or our ) VMV Removals and (you and your) the customer. These terms and conditions can only be changed with the written agreement from both VMV Removals and the customer, prior to the contracts being signed.


2.    Estimations and quotations

2.1 Our estimates are inclusive of customs or any other regulations and inspections that incur a cost and a VAT charge, this also includes any parking, bridge tolls or any congestion charges . Any charges will be additional to your estimation from us.

2.2. We reserve the right to change the price in the estimation if we feel a breech of contract has orison. Factors that could cause this are: Additional items are added to the removal after the inventory has been taken and signed and without prior written notice given to VMV Removals with at least 4 days notice. Additional charges will be added for any items not mentioned on viewing. Access issues that are not declared by the customer at either address that could pre long the time of your removal or require specialist equipment. Extra porters are required due to a misleading inventory list or access where all items to be moved have not been stated.

2.3 Estimations does not constitute a contract between VMV Removals and the customer until you have received written confirmation from us with a confirmed booking date, contracts have been exchanged or a deposit has been received.

3.    Extras.

Extra services you may require but will not be included within the estimation unless stated otherwise are as follows:

3.1 All our removals costs include fittings of washing machines.

3.2.1 Dismantling and re assembling is not included in the estimation unless otherwise stated.

3.2.2  Disconnecting, re connecting any fixtures or fittings.

3.2.3 Removing or pulling up any carpet or fitted flooring.

3.2.4 Removal of items that are deemed unsafe to move under the circumstances as they haven't been declared and need either specialist equipment for their removal or extra porters to aid and support the staff dealing with your removal.

3.3 Additional charges of the stated hourly rate will apply to any removals or services priced on a time period. Any over runs will be charged unless stated otherwise on your estimation or Invoice.

4.    Cancellations or postponements

4.1 All postponements will result in the deposit being rolled over to the next move date, dates will only be postponed if VMV Removals has received the deposit that is required.

4.1.2 All postponements will require a minimum on 24hours notice prior to the removal taking place, any less than this and a £25 penalty charge will occur.

4.2 All cancellations will require a minimum of 72hours written notice prior to the removal taking place, notice given after this will result in VMV Removals keeping your deposit.

4.3 Any cancellations on the day will result in you being liable for the cost of the booking.                           

5.    Customer Responsibility’s

5.1 As the customer you must do the following:

5.1.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that items fit into the new premises e.g. size of sofa to size of aperture. Although operators will endeavor to ensure that large items enter the new premises, no guarantee is given. In certain circumstances we will consider removing windows and doors. However, operators are not trained in this field so work of this nature is considered only at the customer’s request and on the understanding that the customer agrees that the company will accept no liability for any damage caused however it arises.

5.2  Personally or authorise someone to be present during the delivery and collection process.

5.3 VMV Removals will accept no liability for any property keys, this is a direct responsibility of the customer or another authorised person.

5.4 Ensure all contracts, inventory list and job agreement forms are signed before your removal takes place.

5.5 Ensure all fixtures, fittings and appliances are prepared and ready for removal.

5.6 All fridges and freezers must be cleaned and emptied before removal.

5.7 Ensure the correct insurance or protection is put into place for any goods that are left in a vacant property.

5.8 Customer’s must notify VMV Removals of any changes in circumstances, or circumstances that may lead to additional costs before the day of your agreed removal.

5.8 Failure to comply with any of the above will result in a breach of contract or negligence andVMV Removals will not be liable for any damage, loss or additional costs. Furthermore VMV Removals reserves the right to add additional charges or where necessary refuse to carry out the removal for that day until circumstances have been changed. If this occurs the customer is still liable for the amount quoted to carry out the removal.

6.    Delays in times

6.1 All departure and arrival times are estimations only

6.2 If through fault of ours we cannot get the goods delivered on the arranged date or the specific time agreed in our job agreement forms we will incur all your reasonable charges. If through no fault of VMV Removals your goods cannot be delivered you will be reliable for all charges incurred, these may include storage depending on the circumstances.

7.    Liability for Damage or Loss

7.1 d. Electrical malfunction must be as a result of evident physical damage and pointed out by you at the time of removal.

7.1.2 In the event of damage to which we are liable we will,    at our discretion, either repair; replace on a like for like basis; or compensate you to the estimated value of the goods at the time of damage.

7.1.3  Any claim for damage to customers property or goods [whether unpacked or not] must be made to the driver on the day of the removal before he leaves. If no amicable agreement can be reached at that point, before the driver leaves the customer must make two written accounts of the alleged damage. The customer and driver must both sign each written account, with one being retained by the driver, and the other retained by the customer. The customer must also permit the driver to take appropriate photographs. The written record and photographs will be used to evaluate our response to the claim.

7.2 EXEMPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: The following items and events are specifically excluded from the above agreement:

7.2.1 Damage caused by leakages or spillages of any contents due to inadequate packing/sealing [unless packed by ourselves].

7.2.2 Jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or collections of similar kind, data loss -computer systems, plants, livestock.

7.2.3 Damage caused to the property when customers ask us to facilitate movement of goods by removing windows, doors, skirting boards, fitted cupboards or any other fixed obstruction.

7.2.4 No liability is accepted when goods must be squeezed, rammed or otherwise forced through inadequate openings such as doorways, windows, stairways etc.

  8. Risks that are excluded.

8.1.1 VMV Removals will not be responsible for the following:

8.1.2 Breakages or damages such as tearing, staining, chipping, scratching or denting of any

items packed by you the customer unless physical damage to the goods occurs by the force of a collision or overturning of the removals vehicle.

8.1.3. Damage or loss that may occur to chilled or frozen food or drink, Plants, brittle objects and any items that are likely to cause infection or encourage vermin.

8.1.4 Stolen or illegal goods, drugs, firearms, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, gas bottles, ammunition.

8.1.5 Damage or loss to Jewelry, stones, watches, trinkets, precious metals, money,  coins, deeds, stamps, bonds, securities or collections of any kind during the duration of them being in a locked secure safe or room.

8.1.6 Animals, cages, tanks or aquariums, birds or fish.

8.1.7 Electrical and mechanical fault unless a direct consequence of force of a collision or overturning of the removals vehicle.

8.2 Individual employees will not incur any individual or separate liability to you.

8.3 Disappearance of goods whilst in transit unless evidence can be provided to prove that beyond all doubt that the loss is down to the connivance or dishonesty of one of VMV Removals employees.


  9. Time Limit for making your claim

VMV Removals must have notification in writing from the customer within 14 days after the removal has taken place, unless otherwise stated. VMV Removals will not be liable if claims are made after this time.


10.1 All charges must be paid by the end of the removal either by cash, card, or bank transfer.

10.2 Customers must not hold back any of the agreed cost.

10.3 VMV Removals reserve the right to charge late fee's and interest on overdue accounts.



11.1 All customers must pay a deposit upon booking to secure their move date. £60 deposit for removals within a 40 mile radius, 50% for any removal over a 40 mile radius unless stated otherwise in writing by VMV Removals.

11.2 Cost of all deposits will be deducted from total cost of the removal.

11.3 Deposits may be kept by VMV Removals if there has been a breech in contract by the customer.

11.4 By paying a deposit you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set out by VMV Removals and is an agreement between VMV Removals and the customer.


 VMV Removals terms and conditions along with an invoice or confirmation letter form the agreement between us and the customer. All verbal communications are excluded once the contract takes place. Your booking is deemed your acceptance of these terms and conditions in full. VMV Removals has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without first notifying the customer.